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Up in Their Business: The Live-Tweet Break Up That Went Viral

Uncategorized | October 31, 2019

It is common knowledge that some places are idyllic for break ups, such as restaurants, quiet coffee shops, parks, or the privacy of your own apartment. One thing is certain – an airplane isn’t one of those places. Not everyone would agree with that convention, though, and when that happens it can be quite amusing for some people, and sad for others. Breakups are hard enough as they are, so why make them even more complicated? When this boyfriend decided to end his relationship during a flight, a passenger who witnessed the drama decided to go live, and posted a live video documenting their breakup, along with commentary. This video, naturally, went viral.

It started with an argument

All you want during a flight is to enjoy some peace and quiet, watch a movie, read a book or just get some sleep. Unfortunately, sleeping was the last thing passenger Kelly Keegs could expect during her flight.

Passengers noticed that a couple on the plane were arguing, but at that point it didn’t seem too unusual for a conversation to get a bit loud. When the woman began to cry, Kelly and other passengers realized something was happening on the flight.

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