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These Hilarious Photos Of Anti-Social Commuters Will Make You Miss Public Transport

Uncategorized | August 18, 2019

Those of us who take public transport know our travel can be a bit more entertaining than the average carpool. That’s really because we don’t get to choose who we travel with. It’s always a surprise. Those who are trying to hide something usually end up being the most conspicuous. They are not paying attention to those around them, only to themselves. And there’s really nothing any of us can do about it, no matter how they are spending their own commute. The variety of ridiculousness is really amazing. You couldn’t make some of these up, because no one would believe you.

Here Kitty Kitty

It’s always friendlier with two, so why not travel with a friend? On public transit, it doesn’t even have to be of any specific species. Sometimes that companion is a cat. They’re not supposed to sit on the seats, so they can always sit inside your coat. But don’t let the cat suffocate, make sure it can breathe, let it stick its head out.

That’s exactly what someone did, as you can see. This woman obviously didn’t want to make a scene, but a kitty needs to breathe. The pair just wanted to be left alone.

Traffic Jam

The real question is how this smart car got down the stairs and onto the platform. Perhaps he’s doing his best to avoid New York City traffic, though then perhaps he should have known better than to try driving in the first place. Maybe he was just looking for a bit of quiet, and some air conditioning, on his regular subway ride home.

At least he hasn’t blocked the entire aisle, that’s more than most people do. Still not something you see everyday, the car or the concern for other people’s right of way.

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