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The Secret Lives Of Cruise Ship Workers

Uncategorized | July 28, 2019

Cruising around the world aboard a luxury ship and mingling with people from all over the globe may sound like an absolute dream. After all, who doesn’t want to spend their days eating exotic cuisine and exploring foreign lands? But actually, working on one of those ships isn’t quite as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be.

People that work on cruise ships lead lives that may shock the general public. Some cruise workers even lead secret double lives, unbeknownst to their loved ones back on land. It’s sort of like Las Vegas in a way, what happens on the ship stays on the ship! That is of course, until now.

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Ida Lee

Ida Lee

Ida Lee thrives on providing never before seen content. She studied history at Stanford and lives to provide detailed events of the past that mainstream media failed to bring to light.

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