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Bewitching Facts About Bewitched

September 11, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz Here are some bewitching facts about “Bewitched”: Sol Saks, who created the series Bewitched, admitted in several interviews that his script for the pilot episode was inspired by the films “I Married a Witch” and “Bell, Book and Candle”. Tammy Grimes, (Best Actress Tony Award winner in 1961 for “The Unsinkable […]

Raquel Welch – International Sex Symbol

September 8, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz Tejada aka Raquel Welch was born on September 5, 1940 to Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo and Josephine Sarah Hall. Her father was of Bolivian descent while her mother’s family originated from England, dating back to the Mayflower. From an early age Raquel Welch knew that she wanted to be a performer. […]

Come On Get Happy! (Video)

September 8, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz Who doesn’t remember the iconic 1970’s television sitcom, The Partridge Family? The hit show first aired in 1970 and ran through early 1974. It was a show about a widowed mother raising 5 children on her own. As you may, or may not, know, The Partridge Family sitcom was very loosely […]

One Of These Days These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You….

March 31, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz Nancy Sinatra captured our attention back in the 1960’s when she came out with her hit song, “These Boots Are Made For Walking” and wore her boots with little dresses or miniskirts on stage. In the 1960’s Go-Go boots made their debut, those knee-high women’s boots were all the rage! The […]

Only the Good Die Young… 10 Entertainers Lost Way Too Soon!

February 12, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz   I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “only the good die young.” It sounds cliché but is, oh, so true! Over the years we have loved and lost many fine entertainers, suddenly, unexpectedly, and long before we were ready. Entertainers are people too. They are mortal beings and sometimes, because of […]

Charlene Tilton… a.k.a., Lucy Ewing

February 9, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz I’m sure I don’t have to remind you who Charlene Tilton is. But, just in case I do… she is a tiny, blond spitfire actress… all 4’11 of her! She was a beautiful, perky, young, fresh face when she hit the scene of Dallas, in the late 1970’s. She is probably […]

SNL’s Widette Family – It was a “crack-up!”

February 8, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz The writers of the long running Saturday Night Live (SNL) show and the actors that portrayed the characters, have been delighting us for years with their over the top, sometimes politically incorrect skits. The Widettes were among many of the characters we laughed uncontrollably at. Like many of the SNL characters, […]

Carrie Fisher And The Dirty Name She Used To Describe Herself…

February 7, 2018

Written by Rebeka Knott Actress, Carrie Fisher, is probably best known for portraying the beautiful space Princess Leia on the epic, science fiction blockbuster, Star Wars. If you remember Fisher, you may, or may not, know her for being an outspoken, straight-talking, strong-willed woman and actress who never made any apologies for her statements and/or […]

Bob Crane…The Story!

February 6, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz &nbsp Bob Crane was probably best remembered for his role as senior ranking, Colonel Hogan on the 1960’s television series, Hogan’s Heroes.” The popular series originally aired from 1965 to 1971. Colonel Hogan was a prisoner of war (POW), during the war with Nazi Germany He was known for being a […]

Jay North – How well did we know Dennis the Menace?

February 5, 2018

Written by Guy Cruz Dennis the Menace, television sitcom (1959 – 1963) starred child actor, Jay North. When the series began, North was just 7 years old. As you might remember, the show revolved around the antics of, Dennis Mitchell, a precocious, blond-haired rascal of a boy who was forever finding himself in the middle […]

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