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Hilarious Photos Captured At The Airport

Uncategorized | August 10, 2019

Airports are a melting pot of people from all over the world, and when you put that large a number of interesting characters together in one confined place, there are bound to be some hilarious encounters. We have gathered the most crazy and over the top photos from airports of crazed travelers who have either just had it, or are finding wild and crazy ways to pass the time in the airport.

These people are making the best of a lousy situation, all while making us laugh until it hurts! Take a peek at this collection of crazy airport shenanigans!


Nobody likes layovers – well, maybe this crazed group of students does! They are having the time of their lives making up moves on this moving walkway. They are clearly doing whatever it takes to kill as much time as possible, by getting into these crazy positions on this walkway. 

At first, we almost did not realize there is another guy laying on the floor holding the whole group up! Talk about teamwork here. It looks like they are either trying to make the shape of a letter, or just trying to get some laughs. Either way, we think it is hilarious. Hopefully, the bottom guy can keep them all up!

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Ida Lee

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